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    Protect your home from water damage with Grohe Sense water sensor

    At home, Grohe Sense water sensor

    Damp, flooding and small leaks are major concerns for home owners but I’d also like to highlight that it’s a concern for renters like myself too. Renting in London often comes with a lack of care for a tenant’s standard of living. I’ve viewed homes with green and black mould all over the walls with the landlord’s expectation that I’d pay £2300 per month on rent. I don’t think so! Oh the tales I can tell. It’s not only unhealthy and unthinkable to…

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  • How to grow an avocado plant

    How to grow an avocado plant

    Like many people, I’m an avocado addict. Last year I started experimenting, saving some of the avocado stones and attempting to grow beautiful plants. I had MANY failed attempts, mouldy stones and stones that did…

  • Springtime hygge with Morsø

    Springtime hygge with Morsø

    The Danish concept ‘hygge’ (pronounced like hoo-ga) may be referred to as a thing to achieve during cosy winter nights at home, cuddling under a blanket and lighting candles. Which of course is part of this…


    Would you sleep the Scandinavian way?

    After visiting a few incredible Scandinavian countries last year, Stephen (the boyfriend) and I have been contemplating ‘Sleeping the Scandinavian way’. Not in a rude sense, calm down, but in trying out separate duvets. We…

  • coffee in the studio with Stelton | Hannah in the house

    coffee in the studio with Stelton

    I love coffee and drink a lot of the stuff. I’m quite particular about the quality of coffee, freshly ground of course and perfectly brewed. When searching for coffee making products the designs can…


    a simple wreath

    Decorating the home for Christmas is something that I get a bit anxious about. I don’t want to create clutter or lose the minimalist simplicity I’ve got going on. A few Saturdays ago I was…

  • weekend project | planting a herb garden

    weekend project | planting a herb garden

    I’m one of those people that kills my herb plants on a regular basis. With a severe case of suborn determination I’ve embarked on my next project, to plant an indoor herb garden. As winter…

  • celebrating in style with URKIOLA | Hannah in the house

    Celebrate in style with Urkiola by Georg Jensen

    Dinner parties, celebrations and seasonal festivities pretty much all focus around eating and drinking. So when it’s time to crack open the champagne, it’s nice to do it in style. Though I’m not one for opulence and…