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a knitted cushion kit from wool and the gang

wool and the gang | Hannah in the house

I haven’t crafted in sometime which is a shame as it really does relax me. I think the reason why I’ve paused on my craftiness is that I was crafting with no purpose, resulting in creating pointless clutter. Now that I’m embracing the art of minimalism and conscious design, I find it hard to craft for the sake of it. However Wool and the Gang have made a craft kit that I’ve fully embraced, knit your own cushion kit! AND I am in…

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coffee in the studio with Stelton | Hannah in the house

coffee in the studio with Stelton

I love coffee and drink a lot of the stuff. I’m quite particular about the quality of coffee, freshly ground of course and perfectly brewed. When searching for coffee making products the designs can be quite varied and mostly not that pretty. Though, after…


a simple wreath

Decorating the home for Christmas is something that I get a bit anxious about. I don’t want to create clutter or lose the minimalist simplicity I’ve got going on. A few Saturdays ago I was invited to an intimate Christmas styling workshop at Skandium, hosted by…

weekend project | planting a herb garden

weekend project | planting a herb garden

I’m one of those people that kills my herb plants on a regular basis. With a severe case of suborn determination I’ve embarked on my next project, to plant an indoor herb garden. As winter draws in the idea of gardening may not be on…

celebrating in style with URKIOLA | Hannah in the house

Celebrate in style with Urkiola by Georg Jensen

Dinner parties, celebrations and seasonal festivities pretty much all focus around eating and drinking. So when it’s time to crack open the champagne, it’s nice to do it in style. Though I’m not one for opulence and bling, it’s all rather crude, I do still like to make…

Bedroom redesign part 2

bedroom redesign part 2 – reupholster the bed

A major part of my bedroom redesign was to reupholster the bed. I didn’t really want to buy a new bed as I just can’t justify the expense when the bed is actually in a good condition. But enough was enough, I seriously couldn’t…

Chinese evergreen - air purifying plant

A healthier home office with an air purifying plant

I’ve been a very bad Urban Jungle Blogger and have quite a few empty plant pots laying around the house. This week I wanted to introduce a new plant to my office and spruce up the desk. Sitting down at the desk all day isn’t…


bedroom redesign part 1 – a considered approach

I’ve taken pictures of my bedroom in previous blog posts which I liked but felt very temporary and unfinished. I like the minimal style, as you know, with minimal style there’s maximum attention to detail so I’ve got a big job on my hands. Plus the…


repotting cacti

Repotting cacti has been on my to do list for a while now. After discovering that they are August’s houseplant of the month it was a sign to pot them on! The idea of repotting cacti had scared me thinking I’d kill them and be…


Øl & Brød in the garden | COS x HAY

The simple things in life are often the best, relaxing in the garden with a beer and nibbling on sourdough bread is bliss. I found the hipster Danish beer, Mikkeller, sold in a bottle shop near by which is such a great treat and had to stock up.…