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CrossEyes, Danish designed eyewear in London

Danish designed glasses, CrossEyes eyewear

Discovering Danish eyewear brand and optometrist CrossEyes was a welcome relief as I’ve been putting having off my eye test for years (pretty bad seen as I’m seriously short sighted). I first discovered them on instagram with some pretty cool styling and photography, very trendy and fun. The style of usual high street opticians makes me feel really uncomfortable and I seriously dislike being pressured into buying branded glasses because it’s the latest promotion or a celebrity has named a range. I…

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Simple and minimal stools

New Objects by Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen are well known for their Danish classic and contemporary furniture. Spring/summer 2016 saw the launch of an accessories line featuring new Objects by Fritz Hansen. Contributing designers, Studio Roso, Wednesday architecture and Jaime Hayon created the 12 initial objects from stools, tables, cushions,…

A minimalist bathroom range- designed by Norm Architects

Norm Architects Prime bathroom collection

Continuing to expand a product portfolio of my dreams, here we see the launch of Norm Architects Prime bathroom collection for Spanish company Inbani. Norm Architects previous collection for Ex.t saw inspiration from 1930’s elegance and a twist of modernism. This new collection for Inbani has…

Beoplay A1 speaker from Bang & Olufsen, Hannah in the house

Music on the go with the Beoplay A1 speaker

I miss long walks on the beach, the fresh sea air really does soothe the soul. When I visit my family I like to make sure that I spend time on beach. During my visit over Christmas I strolled along the sea front and sand dunes which brought back…

Space Copenhagen

a chat with Space Copenhagen

In May I visited to the studio of Space Copenhagen to meet designers Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou. Space Copenhagen are big names in the design world with many renowned clients such as Noma, Georg Jensen and Mater. Being a multidisciplinary studio their work varies from large scale hotel design, restaurants,…