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a knitted cushion kit from wool and the gang

wool and the gang | Hannah in the house

I haven’t crafted in sometime which is a shame as it really does relax me. I think the reason why I’ve paused on my craftiness is that I was crafting with no purpose, resulting in creating pointless clutter. Now that I’m embracing the art of minimalism and conscious design, I find it hard to craft for the sake of it. However Wool and the Gang have made a craft kit that I’ve fully embraced, knit your own cushion kit! AND I am in…

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Bedroom redesign part 2

bedroom redesign part 2 – reupholster the bed

A major part of my bedroom redesign was to reupholster the bed. I didn’t really want to buy a new bed as I just can’t justify the expense when the bed is actually in a good condition. But enough was enough, I seriously couldn’t…