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    The Skandium House a new home for Scandinavian design in South Kensington

    Skandium house South Kensington

    Just as I’m about to leave the UK what happens? Skandium open up a new incredible store, the Skandium house in the heart of South Kensington! With Skandium’s iconic Brompton road store closing after 10 successful years it makes way for this new concept. The Skandium house will be split between two venues, this one (featured) and another across the road to be launched during London Design Festival ’17. The new house will be designed to reflect real homes with…

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    Scandinavian UK – The Nordic Bakery

    If you can’t make it to Scandinavia don’t fear. I will be sharing the top Scandinavian establishments here in the UK, with design and style of course. Starting with The Nordic Bakery, London’s peaceful Scandinavian…